Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Summary

Reece and Aubrey were here last night, until around 2:30 this afternoon. I took them with me to Mom's, but we didn't stay long. I told them we would have lunch at my house, then they could play outside for awhile before they went home.

It's beautiful today, and they enjoyed playing outside. The sunshine feels so warm and good. They were going to play in their backyard with Camryn when I took them home. She was looking pretty sleepy when we got there, but her mommy was getting her dressed for outdoors when I left.

We made a valentine for their mommy this morning. They each made a handprint using red fingerpaint, but the prints were crisscrossed, Aubrey's on top of Reece's, so they made a heart shape. They thought it was great fun for me to put the paint on their hands.

They brought out some of Reece's old cars last night, that play music, dance, go back and forth, etc. I put new batteries in them, and they played and played with them. Then they found a bucket of miscellaneous toys in one of the spare bedrooms-- play food that probably belongs to Lily, a few fast food toys, that kind of thing. You would have thought they had found a whole stash of new toys, they were so excited. They played with them last night, and then again today when we went outside.

When I was driving them home, Reece said to me, "Gramma, I just love you. Thank you for spending the night." He means "thank you for letting me spend the night," and he says it every time he stays with us. Then he said, "I'm gonna miss you!" He says such sweet things to me, it melts my heart.

So far it's been a great weekend!


Sarah Oldham said...

That Reese is just a joy, yeah? I love your stories. I pray I live a long enough time to spend this kind of time with my grandchildren. You have no idea how I long for this kind of life. I mean, my life is good and blessed as it is and I'm enjoying it . . . but I do dream of grandchildren and enjoying them much the same way you are.

Enjoy your weekend! I love the scarf, by the way. It's beautiful.

Kalona said...

Sarah, he's a joy indeed. I'm trying to savor these years because they grow up so quickly. In no time at all you will be just where I am today, loving your grands and spending time with them.

Sometimes I do miss the years when all our kids were at home and nearly every day was busy and full. You are right to enjoy every season of your life. Every one of them brings new blessings. I have to say, though, that grandchildren are one of life's sweetest blessings. They are a nice thing to look forward to. :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love these pictures - today (Saturday) was so pretty. You are so blessed to have at least some of your grandchildren right there in town & just minutes away. Mine are just far enough away (200 miles) that I can only go on the weekends & the weekends seem too short.

Hug Mom for me. I hope to be coming there sometime soon. Give Ron my Love and hug those sweet babies for me. Love, Sandi

Kalona said...

Sandi, I wish your grandsons were closer to you, too! I know it is hard to have them far away. I feel the same way about our older four grands.

Yes, today was beautiful. I thought you might come for a visit this weekend, since it warmed up. We are missing you. I'll give everyone your love. Hugs!