Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Summary

In the wee hours Friday morning we got freezing rain, and then about an inch of snow on top of that. Everything, including major highways, was shut down Friday.

In the afternoon, most of the snow was gone except in deep shade. That's my car, with thick ice on the windshield and windows, before Ron and I drove to Mom's that afternoon.

Here is Ron, cleaning the ice off the windshield. Notice the "San Antonio ice scraper" he is holding. :o) About five seconds after I took this picture the handle snapped in two.

Reece and Aubrey spent the night last night. Here they are in their "tent" made of bar stools and a snuggie. :o)

We baked more valentine cookies (and ate most of them), pretended to go grocery shopping, played the memory game, watched videos, sang songs and read books. They are so cute and funny.

They entertained Great Gran today. They are both crazy about her. We took Teddy for a walk and Gran let Aubrey hold Teddy's leash, which she thought was great fun.

But Teddy saw a cat and gave chase. Aubrey let go of the leash and the race was on! By the time I got around the building, Ted and the cat were out of sight. I saw the cat walk calmly across one of the hallway entrances, so I headed that way. Just as I got to the entrance, Teddy walked around the corner, panting and out of breath. I jerked him up and told him what a bad dog he was just as a resident came out of her apartment. She said, "Uh oh." :o)

We continued with our walk, riding the elevator up to the third floor and back down. When we got back to her apartment, Gran couldn't understand why she was so tired. She's not used to going for a walk with two active little kids who let the dog escape, so the walk is twice as long as usual.

I spent some time this afternoon knitting. I want to get back into crafting again, so I started with something small and simple, a little dish cloth. But it has a cute bumpy pattern, so it wasn't totally boring. I finished it, and now I'm ready for something more involved. Half the fun is deciding what to knit next.

Hope you're having a peaceful weekend.

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Linda said...

I've been away from the blogger world for a few. Glad to see you are well, and survived the cold!
The knitting is sweet. I especially like the preemie booties!