Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Knitting

Here's the dish cloth (or wash cloth) and hat I made over the weekend. I threw in the little baby hat I made some time ago just because it is so cute. :o) It's premie sized.

The wash cloth is made of cotton yarn (can't remember the brand, and the label was missing). The hat is a wool blend, lightweight, warm and very stretchy.

I bought 5 skeins of the wool-ease yarn on sale for $1 each last year, and I probably used 1/4 of a skein for the hat, so it cost 25 cents (and lots of time). What a bargain. :o)

I like the shaping on the hat. The edge and top is garter stitch, the body stockinette. I don't like the seam in the back though. I am terrible at hand-sewing. I need to learn to knit in the round--no seams.

Ron, Mom and I went to Mass on Sunday, then had lunch at Luby's. Mom's back was bothering her. I gave her two tylenol when we got back to her place, and we found the heating pad. When we left she was planning to relax on the sofa with Teddy and watch TV with the heating pad on her lower back. I won't see her today. Ron is taking her meds to her on his lunch hour.

It got up to 76 degrees yesterday. Ice, snow and below freezing temps on Friday, 76 on Sunday. It won't be quite that warm today, but it is beautiful outside. Ron worked on the playset yesterday, I knitted and helped him whenever he needed help. It was a nice day.


Kelly said...

Hi! It's so funny that you are knitting right now because I'm crocheting a bookmark and I just bought a new book from called "Crobots" which is a book with patterns to make amigurumi crocheted robots - too cute.

I like your hats and the washcloth. That washcloth reminds me of my swifter cover you made me - I use that thing all the time and love it!

Kalona said...

Thanks, honey. Yes, the yarn is the same yarn I used for your swiffer. Don't you need a matching dish cloth? (Or washcloth)?

Crobots sound cute. :o) I love that you are learning to crochet. Have fun!

Jenny said...

Awesome knitting :) I've been making hats for Mom, as her head gets very cold, you know how it is with chemo :( Anyway, made her three so far. She had her last chemo Monday. In two weeks, she'll have a CT and then we talk again to the surgeon to see if he thinks she can withstand surgery. So won't know for a few weeks what's going on. Her counts are really down, or at least were last week, almost to normal, but not quite. Normal is 21 for CA-125 hers are at 32. She started at 770. So we are hopeful :) Thanks again for all of your continued prayer on her behalf and mine also :) Glad to see you are doing some knitting, it always helps me.