Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wednesday With Reece (& Barbara & Jewell)

It's been a busy, fun couple of days while my cousins were visiting. They went with me to Mom's on Tuesday and Wednesday. She loved spending time with them.

Tuesday we went downtown to see the Alamo and have lunch on the Riverwalk. Mom didn't go since her hip was still bothering her and it's a lot of walking. The Alamo is always moving, and the Riverwalk is always pretty. We enjoyed the afternoon, then got lost in the parking garage. :o)

Tuesday night Reece spent the night, and he stayed with us all day Wednesday. It was amazing how he felt comfortable with my cousins almost immediately. He just loved them!

After leaving Gran's on Wednesday, we stopped for lunch then drove out to Gruene. We looked around there most of the afternoon, and still didn't see everything. The weather was warm, but not hot, so perfect for sightseeing.

We went to Gruene Hall, the Grist Mill, the antique store, the old fashioned general store, a wine shop, a tee shirt shop and a garden store. We barely scratched the surface. :o)

Reece enjoyed an ice cream cone at the general store where there is an old fashioned soda fountain. (We all enjoyed the ice cream there).

He also liked Gruene Hall, where he insisted on climbing onto the stage. I told him to sing and dance, and he did. :o) Then we went to catch up with Barbara and Jewell, who were reading the clippings about the famous people who have performed at Gruene Hall. Reece was trying to leave at that point. :o)

We got home that day just as Ron arrived from work. He grilled pork tenderloins for dinner, and we had mashed potatoes and broccoli with it. Ron took Reece home after dinner. Then we sat and talked and talked again, but I don't think three days was enough time to really catch up. They left this morning, and I miss them already. Reece will be disappointed that they are gone.


Anonymous said...

I knew you would enjoy your time with Jewell & Barbara. Being with them brought back some warm wonderful memories for me. Too bad we are so far away from family, but I am so happy that you and Mom are here in Texas.

I would have loved to spend more time with them & with adorable Sammie.

You look so great Sharon! I'm so happy that you are doing so great! Thank you Jesus! I love you, see you soon. Hugs, Sandi

Kalona said...

It really is fun to spend time with people you love, Sandi. When Jewell talks she reminds me of Aunt Margaret, the way she moves her hands around. :o) And Barbara is so much like Aunt Thelma it makes my heart hurt. I hope they will come back soon. Looking forward to your next visit, too! Love you.

Linda said...

I don't know where Gruene is, but now I want to find it!

Kalona said...

Gruene is just a bit north of San Antonio, Linda. I think it is part of New Braunfels, and is along the Guadalupe River where everyone comes to go tubing in the summer. It's a fun place, very Texas.