Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Walkabout Wednesday

This is my messy flower bed. Since the cancer I've not been able to care for it, and it is overgrown. But we still enjoy the jasmine (on the right), the esperanza (yellow flowers) and the most stubborn plants I've ever seen, rock roses. They will not die. I've pulled them up several times and they just come right back, so I gave up and let them take over.

Oh, that's our pretty daughter-in-law, looking for some red salvia I spied in the middle of the rest of the mess. Do you see it in the second picture? A bit of red in the midst of all that pink. It had to grow tall to make itself known.

Then there's the esperanza with the flashy yellow flowers that bloom all summer. Every year I wonder if it will come back. It looks like a stick in the winter, and is one of the later bloomers.

And the pretty red turk's cap has already passed the high point of blooming this spring, but there are still some flowers. The leaves are pretty, too, at least for now.

Love the mixed colors on this lantana that came up on its own a few years ago and has been back every year since. I love flowers that like to be ignored and bloom like crazy anyway. :o)

It was hot today, and I spent some time on the patio watching the kids play in the pool. Cool grapes, fresh peach slices and a glass of peach
tea tasted so good. I still don't have much appetite, but sometimes I crave fruit.

Yesterday evening I got in the pool with the littles. They were so excited! Whew, I was tired after awhile. They wanted to swim to me over and over again. It was like being in with a pod of dolphins. It was fun, though.

Reece had "water day" at school today. He wore a t-shirt and his swim trunks and Crocs. They had a shaving cream station, a paint station (where they could paint themselves and then be sprayed off with a hose), a bubble station, a slip and slide, and a big blow-up swimming pool. There were other things too, I think, but I didn't go so didn't see. I saw the video the kids took. They were volunteers.

Reece only has a day and a half of school before summer vacation.

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