Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Update

I got Rituxan when I went to the BMT clinic on Wednesday. First time I've had any kind of chemo in months. It is to combat the graft vs host, not because any new cancer cells have been found. Getting it takes about 4 hours, and isn't bad. It does make me feel a little yucky for a few days afterward. I'll get it for the next three weeks. :o(

The kids had a meeting at Reece's school on Thursday, which is why I went to the clinic on Wednesday instead of Thursday. I stayed with the three little girls. The meeting was to discuss Reece's testing and whether he should be in special ed. He will be in a regular classroom next year, but will have tutors for certain things during the day. He is able to learn, but it takes him longer than it takes most kids. Josh and Cyrise had asked for him to be tested at the beginning of the school year, and now, two weeks before the end of the year, they've finally done it. He could have had the tutoring all this year if they had tested right away. There was a problem with the school counselor and she was replaced, but it took months to get a new one. I think that may have been part of the problem. Even though he never complains and likes some things about school, this has been a long, stressful 10 months for our little guy. We'll be working with him at home this summer, hoping to get him caught up to where he should be.

Josh and Chris have put down the new floor in the family room, except for installing the trim and baseboards. I love the way it looks; now I want it everywhere! The guys did a good job. Ron helped with some of the cutting, but they did most of it. I'll be glad when everything is done though, so we can get the furniture back in place. I've been looking online at area rugs. Whoo hoo, shopping!

We'll be celebrating Ron's birthday this weekend. Other than that, no special plans. I'll be back.

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