Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Update

What a nice Mother's Day we had. Mom, Kelly and I went shopping for plants. We got Mom a braided hibiscus, a patio tomato plant, four different herbs and two kinds of petunias for her patio. I'm going over to help her plant them today.

Kelly got me some veggies and herbs, too. They smell so good and I can't wait to get them planted. I'll do a container garden like we had last year. That worked out pretty good, putting them on the stairs to the deck.

Kelly also gave me a pendant necklace and a very special bracelet that she made. She has been painting the sweetest tiny pictures on polymer clay bases. My pendant has a little wren on a branch; I love it!

The bracelet and its meaning nearly made me cry. The centerpiece is a tiny painting Kelly did of a healthy lymphocyte (how it looks under the microscope after staining). The beads she used all have special meaning, too. Some are the colors in the painting (the purple nucleus and light blue border), or the colors associated with leukemia and lymphoma. There is a larger amethyst bead. The whole thing is delicate and pretty. I will treasure it always. I know that it is a symbol of her prayers for my health and her love for me.

Josh and Cyrise cooked for us, and dinner was wonderful. Cyrise baked Josh a delicious birthday cake for dessert. My runny pie was a hit, too. I poured off the liquid and it was fine. Kelly thinks the liquid from the meringue leached down into the pie. I bet she is right, because the recipe for the meringue called for water mixed with cornstarch blended into the beaten egg whites. I'd never made meringue that way before, and it was fine immediately after baking, but not after sitting in the fridge overnight.

The kids wanted Great Gran to get into the pool with them. She put her swimsuit on, but the water was just too cold for her. They were content that she put her feet in the water and stayed near them. They all love her so much. She enjoyed the day.

Jason called me in the afternoon. It was nice to hear his voice. I'll be glad when school is out so that they can come visit.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Josh found my Kindle Fire last week. It had been in the dash pocket of my car all along. Ron checked the car for it, but for some reason he didn't look in there, and I didn't look because I thought he had. I had written it off as lost and deregistered it with Amazon, but it was simple to re-register it.

Have a great Monday!

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