Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday in May

Ron and his co-workers are still working the exercise. He had to work all weekend, going in at 6 AM and not getting home until dark. I think it lasts all this week, too. We're all missing him, particularly Reece. But at least he is home at night, not having to stay in a hotel somewhere far away, and we are grateful for that.

We had a storm Saturday night and lost another limb from the big tree in the back. A tree trimmer once called it a "trash tree," meaning it was weak. He recommended cutting it down, but I don't consider it a trash tree. It was here before this house was built, and it gives us lots of shade and a place for the birds I love.

Reece and the little girls have been in the pool almost every day for the past few weeks. Reece is getting tan. I love watching his progress as he gets more and more comfortable in the water. He still swims with his face out of the water a lot, but he is beginning to realize how much easier it is to put his face in and glide. He's a natural!

Aubrey is getting braver, too. I think she will be swimming on her own this summer.

I'm enjoying a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, with cinnamon, brown sugar, dried cranberries, pecans and apple chunks. We sometimes stop and grab breakfast to take with us to the hospital, and McDonald's has oatmeal that seems healthier than other choices, so I usually get that. But homemade is even better!

Hope you're having a great start to the new week.

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