Monday, June 4, 2012

Random Thoughts

1. Today is my dad's birthday. He would have been 92 years old, but he died of leukemia in 1992. Twenty years later, I miss him as much as ever.

2. Mom is doing fairly well at age 85. I am so grateful that she is able to continue to live on her own. She's very independent, and having to move in with family or into assisted living would be extremely hard on her. We need a family compound--a house for each family, not too close together. :o)

3. This will be Reece's first week of summer vacation. He is so content to be at home, at least for now. He is in the pool every day (along with Aubrey and Camryn), and is getting such a pretty tan. His skin is just perfect, and I love the freckles sprinkled across his cheeks and nose. He's a good swimmer, and Aubrey is getting better too.

4. Ron is going to be gone for about 3 weeks starting in mid-June. Not looking forward to that.
I would like to go away for awhile, too.

5. I ordered an area rug for the family room from Free shipping, but I don't know yet when it will get here.

6. Now we need a new sofa (or sectional) and slipcovers for two wingback chairs.


Anonymous said...

Hi! When I was driving home from work I was thinking about Dad and just knew you would post about his birthday. My heart aches when I think of him. I hold on to the thoughts and pictures of him in my mind just remember so many good things. I miss you and pray you are doing better and better. Working long hours just trying to keep up, but hope to come there soon. Hugs and Big Love, Sandi

Kalona said...

I knew you would be busy with the end of school. We miss you, too.

Yes, Dad has been on my mind all day. I was watching the kids in the pool this afternoon. They were having a ball, and I thought how he would have loved them.

Looking forward to seeing you when you're able to get away. I love you!