Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Rainy Day

Josh and I went to the BMT clinic this morning for my labs. The results: they are normal! Dr. O said "not only are they good, but they're perfectly normal!" So no need for any kind of transfusion or treatment.

I think my graft vs host is much better, but Dr. O thinks I'm still way too red. Part of the reason is that I've been scrubbing the dry, dead, flaking skin off every time I shower. He said, "You can't rub your skin off down to the normal skin!" Anyway, he's keeping me on the same meds for another week, and wants to give me Rituxan next week to help get rid of the gvh. I don't really want it, but he said it will help, and that the double benefit is that it will also target any hidden cancer cells (although we don't believe that I have any). It will be a course of 4 infusions of Rituxan over 4 weeks. He's anxious to get me off the prednisone, and says the Rituxan will help with that.

Oh wow, it is thundering like crazy right now. It started while we were at the BMT clinic this morning, and has continued this afternoon. It's really gray and drippy. And a little bit cold. I put on a sweater.

Josh has gone to pick up puffy tacos for our lunch. We stopped at Mom's and I made her a toasted chicken salad sandwich that she ate with chips and pickles and a cookie for dessert. Josh took Teddy out for her since it was raining.

I'm looking forward to Reece coming home from school so I can snuggle him up!


Sarah Oldham said...

Puffy tacos?!? They sound fun!!! :)

I'm so pleased that you are improving!!! God is so awesome! Lord knows I am so thankful He heard our prayers for you (I mean all of us who prayed for you, not just me and my own). :)

Much love to you! Enjoy the thunder for me! It's rare to get thunder in HI, but it has and when it does it's incredibly awesome!!!


Kelly said...

Now I want some puffy tacos! :)

I already knew you were perfect, now that your docs are saying you are normal we will never hear the end of it! :D

Stop rubbing your skin so hard, be gentle. (:

Kalona said...

Sarah, yes, puffy tacos are fun--and yummy!

Thank you for all your prayers. I'm so grateful to all of you who pray for me. I'm certain that all the prayers have had a huge effect on my recovery. God is so good.

It's thundering here again tonight. I thought of you when I heard it start to rumble. We are getting more rain. Hope it doesn't wake the kids.

Kalona said...

Kel, time to make a Las Palapas run? :o)

Yep, it sure feels good to be "normal."

I'll try to stop scrubbing so hard, but I really want all this awful dry skin off! I promised Dr. O that I'd be gentle this week, though.

Love you!