Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Chatter

Ron's been busy with an exercise at work all week, so he hasn't been able to take Gran's meds to her, or her lunch. So Josh and I have been going, except for today. Today Cyrise wanted to go, so I stayed here with the little girls (who were supposed to be napping) while they were gone. They took Gran a chicken fajita pita. She likes those. :o)

Reece's school had field day today. I remember doing that when I was little. It was always so much fun. He had a special purple t-shirt to wear. The kids said that each class had a different color shirt, and the colors were all mixed up on the playground because the big kids help the kindergarten kids. Everyone at his school seems to know Reece. :o) I hope he had fun.

My doctor put me back on the tacrolimus when I was at the BMT clinic yesterday. My graft vs host disease is not much better. All my labs looked good, though, and I didn't need blood or anything. My skin is a mess, though.

I lost my Kindle Fire when I was at the hospital last week. I was hoping my doctor had found it in his office (pretty sure that's where I left it), but he didn't. Housekeeping probably picked it up, and you never get anything back if they get hold of it. We had everyone looking for it, and Josh and I went down to lost and found. Nope. I shouldn't be allowed to have nice things--I always lose them. :o(

The gvh makes me really tired, so I've spent a lot of time sleeping the past few days. But I did manage to get the bills paid this week. I usually procrastinate until the very last minute, so it feels good to have that done!

Looking forward to having Reece home for the weekend, and sleeping in past 6:30 AM. Have a great weekend!

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