Monday, May 21, 2012

Musical Beds and Birthdays

We had a nice weekend here. On Saturday Ron, Reece and I spent some time at Mom's, planting her Mother's Day flowers and herbs. Ron planted her tomato plant while Reece and I worked on the other stuff. Her patio looks and smells wonderful now! She enjoys her plants so much, but keeps moving the braided hibiscus inside. I think she is worried that it will be stolen.

On Sunday we went grocery shopping for Mom. She was out of coffee and low on all kinds of things. Now she is all stocked up again. By the time we shopped for her, then took the groceries to her and put them away, I was worn out.

But it was Ron's birthday, so Reece and I made a birthday cake for him when we got home. Josh and Cyrise made kalbi and rice for dinner, then we sang happy birthday while Papa blew out his candle. The kids are so cute about birthdays.

The little girls both have birthdays this week, Cammie on Wednesday and Aubrey on Saturday. I think we're celebrating them together on Saturday with a little family pool and patio party. Our month of May is so filled with birthdays, we celebrate all month. Then we have a couple more in June--Lily and Reece.

I stayed up late last night, listening to music on YouTube. I finally went to sleep, then Reece came and got in bed with us. He was restless (or maybe I was), and I finally got up and went and got in his bed. Then Josh came in bringing Aubrey back to her bed. She had gotten up in the middle of the night and he found her blanket and Reece's kindle downstairs. He said she came into their room and was wiggling his toe. So we had a night of musical beds. :o) I didn't sleep much at all and went back to sleep in my own bed this morning after Reece went to school. I got up and took my shower, getting ready to go to Mom's, then Josh said he and Cyrise would go if I wanted. So I put the little girls down for their naps and now I'm enjoying the blessed peace while they sleep.

I had Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream with raspberries for lunch. Yum!


Adrienne said...

Good grief - I'm tired just reading that. You're a better woman than I am. I would be batsh*t crazy by now.

Ice cream for lunch? Perfect!!

Kalona said...

Hah, Adrienne! Being batsh*t crazy is how I survive. :o)