Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Roundup

Reece and I went to Gruene yesterday.

I didn't take him with me to Gran's, and he was disappointed, so I thought we would do something else when I got home. First we went to Garden Ridge to look for some more of the patio lights I bought there, but they didn't have any more. Then we stopped at WalMart for t-paper and wipes. He got some Ice Age gummy candy, too.

I was hungry since I hadn't had lunch, and asked him what he would like to eat. Of course he said McDonald's, so that's where we stopped. He didn't eat any of his cheeseburger, though.

Then we drove to Gruene. It was awfully hot, and I didn't know if he would think it was fun, but he did.

First we went to the General Store and got him a couple of little toys. Then we got an ice cream cone at the soda fountain. We sat on a bench outside the antique store while we finished our ice cream, then explored the antique store. He loved looking around in there.

We walked over to Gruene Hall, where I took him to the restroom. There was a band playing, people dancing and the place was packed. Reece didn't like it there at all. I was hoping we could sit and listen to the music and watch the dancing for awhile, but he said it was "too loud." He has some sensory issues where sound is concerned, so I didn't want to make him stay there when he was so obviously miserable.

The band was wonderful. The female singer was singing Patsy Cline songs, and she was very, very good. The band was called the Hot Texas Swing Band, and some of the members were formerly with George Strait's Ace in the Hole Band, and with Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes.

When we got home, Reece said to me, "Gramma, thank you for taking me some place today." He is so sweet! He's a perfect road trip companion. :o)

This afternoon I met Kelly at the Kona Grill at La Cantera for her birthday lunch and shopping. She wanted to go to a movie, but there was nothing on that she wanted to see, so we shopped instead. It was lots of fun being with her. I got her a couple of pretty plates and a cute little set of ceramic measuring spoons at Anthropologie, and a pair of slippers that you wear to dust floors at Sur La Table. Our time together was too short.

I stopped at Milbergers on the way home and got a pot of basil, a decorative sweet potato vine and another plant that is dark green with pink sprinkles all over the leaves (forgot the name). I'll plant the last two in a pot together. I think the light green vine will look pretty with the dark green and pink leaves of the mystery plant.

While I was at the nursery a "cold" front came through, with lots of wind and a few sprinkles of rain. It cooled things off a little bit, but we're still supposed to be in the high nineties, low one hundreds next week. We really need some rain!

So, it's been a pleasant weekend. Hope yours has been nice, too!

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