Sunday, August 26, 2012

School Tomorrow

Reece will go to school tomorrow. :o(

He looks so cute. He got a haircut today. He doesn't want to talk about going to school.

He and the girls found the carcass of a huge moth this evening. They were all fascinated. I'd like to have seen that thing alive!

I went to Gran's by myself today; he didn't want to go. He was having too much fun playing with his Papa.

Teddy had rubbed poop into Gran's carpet. Sometimes I'd like to strangle that dog. So I cleaned that up, then cleaned up a mess in her freezer. She had put a can of soda in there to get cold and forgot about it. It exploded. Everywhere.

I took her some of the catfish, rice and corn we had for dinner last night. She exclaimed over and over again about how good the fish was. She hasn't had fish in awhile; I'm glad she liked it.

I made homemade baked ziti, broccoli and Texas garlic/cheese toast for dinner. It smelled so good baking, and everyone really liked it. There is plenty left to take to Gran tomorrow.

A couple of days ago I made chicken cordon bleu casserole, and that was a big hit, too. But I think they liked the ziti better.

I was going to make banana bread this evening, to use up some of the bananas that are getting ripe, but we are out of baking powder. Guess I'll wait and make it tomorrow. One of the little girls pulled all the bananas off the stalk, though, so they are ripening even faster. Maybe I should put them in the freezer.


Reece and the girls went to sleep pretty quickly tonight. Reece is used to staying up later, and I'm glad he went to sleep so easily. He has to get up at 6:30 AM!

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