Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reece, Gran, Ice Age

Reece, on the way to Gran's yesterday: "Gramma, look at the clouds. They're all tangled up."

He went with me again today. I've been planning to take him to see the newest Ice Age movie, and decided that today was the day. So we went to the movies this afternoon. A sweet tea and nachos for me, Dr. Pepper and a hot dog for him, and some AirHeads (which he didn't really like). We sat through tons of previews before the movie finally started. He liked Ice Age very much, and wanted to know if we could get some ice age toys. So we went to Toys R Us afterwards, and got some of the little characters. He and the girls played with them for the rest of the day. They each got a toy, too.

I baked a frozen lasagna for Mom today, and served it to her with mixed peas and carrots. She really enjoyed it. I think she like the veggies best of all.

Teddy had shredded her best fitted sheet by digging at it (on both sides of the bed), so I threw it away, leaving her with only one set of flannel sheets that don't fit well. Today I took several sets of sheets from our house. She has a full size bed, and we don't have a bed that size any more. I'm so glad for someone to be able to use the sheets that have been taking up room in the linen cabinet for so long.

Uh oh. I turned my phone down when we were in the movie theater, and I just saw that I've missed two calls from Ron this evening. I tried calling him back, but he must be asleep already. I always forget to turn the ringer back up when I've turned it down. :o(

Going to bed now. I couldn't sleep last night, got up at 2 AM and watched a little bit of the Olympics and a movie. So I'm pretty tired and ready for sleep. G'night.

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