Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chick-fil-A for Lunch

Reece and Aubrey went with me to Gran's today, and we stopped at Chick-fil-A on the way home to pick up lunch.

Adrienne, that's the chicken sandwich I ate for you on the table. :o)

The line for the drive-thru was all the way out into the street, the parking lot was full, and people were parking in the TGIFriday parking lot next door! TGIFriday went out of business, so their parking lot was available. It was amazing, and made me feel good that so many people came out to support traditional marriage and Chick-fil-A. I bet it was like this all over the country. Hurray!

And lunch was delicious. :o)

(That's a Wendy's cup in front of Reece. His daddy had Wendy's for lunch and one of the kids always seems to wind up with the rest of his soda).


Adrienne said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh - it was delicious! Did I have some waffle fries, too? Thank you so much.

The response over the entire country was inspiring (to say the least!)

Kalona said...

Of course, the waffle fries are the best part.

Yes, the response was terrific! Loved the pics of all the people in different cities.

Adrienne said...

Good - I was worried about not having any waffle fries...heh

Therese said...

I think you better go back and have a chicken sandwich for me too Kalona. I wish we had some company here that we could go and buy from because they supported traditional marriage.

Anonymous said...

It was a blessing to see so many 'folks' standing with the Chicks to support them. Understand the kiss in the following Friday laid an egg. eh eh

And the questional guy who filmed himself berating a chick employee...he was fired. Karma is sweet, especially instant karma

Good to here your news and how everything is working as it should

We need rain in North Texas as well. Lots of rain.