Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Chatter

Little buddy (Reece) did fine at school today, although he didn't have much to say about it. He went outside with his sisters to play as soon as he got home.

I get up to spend time with him before school, so I was up early this morning. After he left I made the banana bread I had planned to make last night. Josh and Cyrise had a couple of things to pick up at the store last night, so they got some baking powder for me. The bread turned out yummy.

Ron was home this morning. We had a pipe leaking at the side of the house, and he had called a plumber to come fix it. Roots from the hedges had pushed the underground pipe up, causing it to break and leak. The plumber replaced it with a pipe that won't break.

Ron went on in to work, and stopped at Mom's on the way. I sent her lots of leftovers and a big hunk of banana bread.

Praying that Isaac doesn't do too much damage in New Orleans (or anywhere else).

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