Saturday, August 25, 2012

August Weekend

My new couch was delivered this afternoon. Everyone is happy with it, and it looks nice with the rug and hardwood floor in the family room.

Ron and the kids were in the pool this afternoon when a hard shower went through. There was no thunder or lightning, so they stayed in and thought it was the most fun thing ever. I tried to get some pictures of the rain. You can see it pretty good slanting against the grass in the picture of Ron.

Jason posted on his Google account that he and his two youngest kids went hiking today, and they also got caught in a downpour. Like Josh's kids, Jason's kids also thought it was fun and exciting. You can tell we Texans haven't see much rain around here lately. It causes all kinds of excitement.

I fried catfish and talapia for dinner and served it with rice and corn. Starch city, but it was good. :o) Reece loved the catfish. Well, they all liked it, but he liked it more than the girls did.

Please pray for my cousin, Jewell, who is having some health problems. Thank you!

Hope you're having a good weekend!

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