Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday with Kelly

I'm finally getting settled after a rather hectic day.

I got up early this morning. Last nights dirty dishes were still on the counter, so I cleaned the kitchen, put on a pot of beans to soak and made myself some toast for breakfast. I brought my tea and toast back upstairs and got online for a bit, but got really sleepy. Reece was still asleep, so I snuggled up with him and went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

Ron went to Gran's for me today, and I met Kelly at La Mad for lunch at 1 PM. Then we went to Michaels, where she bought some jewelry findings and I bought some little metal bird stickers for $2. (Big spender). :o)

I've been looking for a new sofa or sectional for the family room, so we went to Stowers to see what they had. I bought a sofa; I'm excited! It will be delivered Saturday. I'm glad Kelly was with me to give me her input.

Came home and watched the kids in the pool for awhile. Cyrise had cooked the fifteen bean soup and made rice and cornbread. Dinner was yummy!

I read to the little girls and put them to bed, then Ron, Reece and I went to the grocery store. I found some new recipes online that I want to try, so we got all the ingredients for them. When we got home, Aubrey was up. :o\ Then she wanted to help put the groceries away.

So it's been a long, busy day. I'm so glad I feel energetic enough to be on the go and doing things. It's wonderful to feel "normal."

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