Friday, August 31, 2012

This and That

Happy that it's Friday and Reece will have a 3 day break from school.

Went to the BMT clinic yesterday. My labs were pretty good, except for that pesky low red cell count. It's about the same. My doctor is going to give me the Epo shots once a month to help with my red cell production. My liver function is a little off, and he believes that may be what is causing the problem. Everything else was normal, though. I won't have to go back to the clinic for 3 weeks!

I watched the convention last night off and on while trying to put the littles to bed. Reece is having trouble going to sleep early and sleeping in his own bed all night. But we'll get there. The girls, Aubrey in particular, fight going to bed every night. They like the stories and the songs, but not going to sleep.

The speeches last night were really good, I thought. I do think we will have a different president soon, and I'm glad of that.

I made apricot glazed pork roast for dinner on Wednesday. We liked the sauce. Next time I think I'll make it in the crock pot, then shred the meat and mix it with the sauce. This time we spooned the sauce over the sliced pork. You can also make this recipe with chicken. The recipe is here.

Not sure what else the weekend holds, but we plan to have a cookout on Monday, and to celebrate Mom's 86th birthday. I asked her what she wants for her birthday, and she said she doesn't want a thing. But I'm sure we can come up with something. :o) Her birthday is Sept. 5, but we will have the celebration on the 3rd.

Time to get to work around here. Have a great Friday!


Adrienne said...

May I suggest that you Google Supernanny and see her advice about sleep problems and how to solve them. Even though I don't have kids, in the past I always watched her TV shows. Jo Frost is fabulous! My mom would be cheering her advice.

Kalona said...

That's a good suggestion, Adrienne. I used to watch Supernanny sometimes and remember her method. It did work.