Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday Afternoon

Tuesday Ron, Jason, Kelly, Lily and I went to the coolest little store, Guitar Tex, looking for a nice strap for the mandolin.  We found a perfect one, and enjoyed looking around at everything.  They had a bunch of vintage ukuleles, and Kelly thinks she would like to learn to play one.  Her birthday is coming.  :o)

One of the owners played a little tune on one of them, and Lily had such a smile on her face and was doing a little hula dance in her swirly yellow sundress.  Wish I had gotten a video.  It was so cute. Music from a ukulele just feels happy.

So yesterday, Jason took the mandolin Ron made for me back to the shop and they are putting on new strings, angling the bridge and intonating it.  The guy was pretty impressed that Ron made it and doesn't even play.  :o)  He said it has a "good voice."

The shop is over in Olmos Park, which is a fun area to drive through, with huge old homes and gorgeous yards.  Lots of neat shops in the area.  Then we went to Sonic and got malts and banana splits.  While we were there, an RN from hospice called wanting to come see me.  She probably thought I would be at home dying, but I was out having fun.  :o)  She came today instead.

I had a terrific omelet and some nectarine for breakfast, cheese, berries and ham for lunch, and now I'm going downstairs where Josh is grilling.

Happy 4th!

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Adrienne said...

"She probably thought I would be at home dying, but I was out having fun. :o)

Now that's funny!!

Forgot to tell you that Johnnie is in my prayers. That's a terrible thing they did to her.