Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hard Days and Bucket List Progress

The past couple of days have been pretty rough.  Yesterday I was very weak, slept nearly all day long.  Better today, but not as energetic as I'd like to be.

Kelly brought me some polyester fiberfil and embroidery needles, and I took the "pocket sleeves" off some of my old yukata on Sunday.  Yukata are called summer kimono because they are very casual and soft and cool for summer.  They are always blue and white in color, and have classic Japanese designs and flowers.  I only used the big square pockets on the sleeves, so there is still a lot of fabric left for other uses.  Kelly ironed them for me, but I need some bigger embroidery needles because I want to use the whole strand of floss in the hem.  So she will bring me some big ones.  

We hung our crocheted flower garland and it's so pretty and cheerful on my window.  The colors match the beads in the beaded dragonfly Kelly made, which is also in the window.  

Kel downloaded some pics of the dolls we mounted for me, but they don't really show the shadow boxes, so I think we'll try to get some more pics of those.  I have some pics to download from my camera and phone, too.  Everything is such a hassle.  I can't just get up and get my cords to download stuff.  Someone has to bring it to me.

I got an email from Fr. Moses, who will celebrate my Requiem Mass.  He answered some questions I had, and gave me some good advice.  He is such a wonderful priest.  Please pray for him.


Adrienne said...

I'd love to see a picture of the Yukata and the crochet thingy.

Kelly said...

Hi Mom!

I wasn't happy with most of the pictures I shot for the shadow boxes but I did spend a lot of time on the "good" pics I got - mostly of the dolls faces and beadwork details. So pretty!

I'm looking forward to seeing you blog with the pictures we took so you can share your beautiful work with your blog readers.

We should do what Jason suggested and put a card on the back of each shadow box with the title of the doll and your signature. I'd never sell them, of course, because - like I said - they are priceless!

I love you.