Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day, 2013

I'll keep my mouth shut about politics and just say, hope you have a great holiday.  We're grilling and swimming and the kids want to go see some fireworks tonight.  Not sure I'll do that.  


Adrienne said...

Have a wonderful day, Kalona. You look absolutely beautiful in your pic with Ron. Best one yet!!!

We're having all American hamburgers on the grill. Thankfully the temp is down in the lower to mid 80's after near 100's which was not pretty.

I worked Tuesday and Wednesday and escaped into air conditioning for 4 hours. Poor hubby had to broil at home.

Kalona said...

Thanks, Adrienne. Your day sounds like it will be nice--I'm glad. Good that you were able to be in the AC for a couple of days.