Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Quiet Day with Kelly

Johnnie, Evann and Braden left this morning.  The kids wanted to go see their beloved Great Gran.  They came by for a little while to say good-bye.  I hated to see them leave, but loved our time together.  So they are in Bryan with Gran and Sandi tonight, will stay Friday, and head back to Kansas on Saturday.

Jason and Ahlyssa also went home.  I will surely miss my chef and carb watcher.  :o)  He took wonderful care of me.  But he said he will be back.  I know his family has missed him, and he has business to take care of at home.  I'm fortunate that he is a computer guy and can work from here as easily as he does from home.  He has some plumbing problems to take care of, too--no fun.

They had to send a nurse out this afternoon to re-draw my blood for labs.  For some reason the ones taken yesterday didn't work.  I had never seen her before, and liked her very much.

Kelly was here while Ron took Jason and Lyssa to meet Jason's friend halfway.  She is starting to put our crocheted flowers on a vine with leaves to make our banner.  It looks cute.  She has also been cleaning out our office/craft room.  I haven't been in there in months, and Ron lets the little girls play in there when he's on the computer.  (No more--I've put the kibosh on that).  They make the most unbelievable messes.  Kelly said it looked like Hoarders in there.  She hasn't finished yet.   She will take what she wants from the craft supplies and get rid of the rest.  She's such a treasure.

I hardly slept last night, so after Kelly left I took a nap.  Josh grilled me a steak, and I had broccoli and a little bit of sweet potato with it, then a couple of pieces of the wonderful chocolate covered bananas my cousin sent from Edible Arrangements.  

I can feel the love.  :o)

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Jennifer Mulkey said...

Continued prayers here. Your writing makes me think you are doing pretty good right now. At least I hope so :) My brother just finished his radiation last week. His jaw is swollen today, which has me worried, as last February they rebuilt his jaw taking a large part of it with the tumor. So, a little worried about the bone they put in, and he says it is very sore. If you would say a prayer for him, we would be grateful :) It has been confusing to me, going through all of this, losing my Mom, and Tom and now going through it with my brother, that it was so easy for me to let go, when it was me with cancer, but so hard to give it all up to God when it was someone else I felt responsible for. I haven't figured that all out yet, but will continue to consider it :) It sounds like your family and friends are taking very good care of you :) Hugs.