Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mary and Family

Thank you so much for the delicious Edible Arrangement.  It arrived today and my grandkids, who love fruit and chocolate, were so excited!  (Me, too)!

The one I got was a little different from this one. Our pineapple is formed into flowers.  It also came with a box of chocolate covered fruit.  Reece and I just enjoyed  chocolate covered bananas for dessert tonight.  They are soooo good!

Johnnie, Evann and Braden were here when it arrived, and they thought it looked wonderful, too, but none of them would eat any.  There is plenty for everyone.  They should have tasted it.  :o)

How thoughtful of you to send the arrangement.  We have a store in the shopping center near us, so it is very, very fresh.  Love you all so much!  Thank you again!


Therese R said...

I opened the link for your post and thought yum straight away. Tom saw the picture and said yum mum, you should make that. It looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

We are so glad that the edible arrangement arrived and more importantly, it is tasty! Happy to hear that you are able to enjoy it with all the big and little kiddos!