Friday, July 5, 2013

My Little Summer Bucket List

Don't worry, I'm also planning a little fall bucket list and a little winter bucket list.  :o)

I was thinking about some of the little fun things I've been meaning to do for a long time and decided to write them down and do them.  Want to see?

1.  Get 3 shadowboxes for some little dolls I've made.

2.  Make a crystal garland.  Years ago Kelly and I had a craft booth at a craft show in Blanco, and a couple traded me a big bag of crystals for one of my candlelights.  We are going to twist wire into loops and curls and hang the crystals on it for some sparkle.  Won't that be pretty?

3.  Make oatmeal cookies with Reece.  I'll have to use the piano bench and round oak table as my mixing area, but that's okay.  I can't stand at the counter any longer.

4.  Have a tea party with the girlies.  We have a special Gramma tea set, and another that I got Cammy for her birthday that we can use.  Maybe we will wear hats.  Reece will be invited, too.

5.  Play Ave Maria on my violin.

6.  Learn the chords to Mull of Kintyre on the mandolin.  I couldn't sleep one night, and this song was in my head.  It has become our theme lately, with Ron and Jason finding some beautiful Scotch whiskey to drink from Ron's birthday Glenfiddich glasses.  I don't drink it, but I smell it, and it smells wonderful.  It came from the Mull of Kintyre.  It's called Spring Bank Single Malt Scotch.

7.  Buy mandolin strap (this one's done).

8.  Work with Reece on his reading and math.

9.  Draw.  Birds.  Flowers.

10  Make natural peppermint oil with my mint.  Use in toothpaste.

11.  Get rid of old green couch.  (I can't do that myself, but I can nag).

12.  Get another anointing.

13.  Visit the local Schoenstatt Shrine.

14.  Visit the local Divine Mercy Mission Center.

15.  Make handsewn pillows from my old summer yukatas.  I'll hem them with blanket stitch.  Simple and soft.

16.  Crochet flowers with Kel to make a cute garland together.  (We got a few of these done today--me one, Kel four). 

17.  Get a new water bucket for my dogs.  Their plastic one keeps getting moldy.  Yuck.  I'll get a metal one. 

That's it.  Happy weekend, dear ones.


Kelly said...

Going to bring banana cream pie tomorrow and we will be making that peppermint oil for the toothpaste (forgot to do that last time I was there because we were so busy learning to crochet those little flowers)! :)

I like that Mull of Kintyre song! What's a Mull, I wonder? I want to hear you play some of those chords from the song.

I love you so much.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a fun summer planned. :) Josh has your blog posted on his FB page and I've been following it daily. I've tried leaving comments before, but they keep getting deleted (probably cause I did it from my phone). Much love to you, Mrs. Cone! You are so full of grace and an inspiration to all who know you. P.S. I'm sure your oatmeal cookies are delish, but it's your Texas Sheet cake that I remember as being out of this world. :) XOXO, Mena

Kalona said...

Kelly, that banana cream pie was out of this world and tasted exactly like grandmother used to make. Thank you!

A mull is a peninsula. If you look at a map of Scotland you can see a long peninsula on the right. That's where it is.

I love you, too. :o)

Kalona said...

Hi Mena, thank you for your sweet comment, and for reading my blog. I'm always surprised by how many people read along, and who they are. It's very touching and humbling.

Ah yes, Texas sheet cake. It is good, isn't it? I love making it. So simple, and yet everyone loves it. :o)

Give your little boys hugs for me, and thank you, Mena! Love you.

Kalona said...

Oops, Kel, the peninsula is on the left, not the right, side of the map.