Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our Crocheted Flower Garland

Love the bright colors!

They were fun to make.

Tomorrow I'll show you the darling little owl Kelly crocheted.  He is so cute!

She also made the cheery dragonfly in the window


Anonymous said...

I loved doing that garland with you and I think it really sparked my interest in crochet. I love that we both made it and it's absolutely perfect in that window.

Now we need to finish the yukata pillows and the crystal and wire garland. :)

You've been so busy posting today! I'm glad to see all the projects being blogged. I hope you are feeling okay today, I'm about to give you a call.

Love you.

Kelly said...

Oops, that anonymous post where I said I was about to give you a call was me.

Anonymous said...

The garland is so cute - you 2 made progress. Hugs and Love from me and Mom. We love you so much & you are in our thoughts and prayers! Mom is doing great - I have her on a good schedule and it seems to have made things better. We look for your posts! Tell all hi for us!

Johnnie Enders said...

Hello Sister! I love you. I was going to call you and then saw what time it was. How are you doing? We loved our time with all of you in Texas. I am ready to come back! :0) Evann and Braden loved being there. The kids lost their great grandma Jeanette yesterday. Jen's Grandmother. They have had so much loss in the past couple of years. It makes me sad.
I love your flower garland. It is SO CUTE!! I don't know how to crochet. It looks hard. Let me know how you are. I love you BIG. XOXOXOXOXO

Jenny said...

Thinking of you this evening, you remain in my prayers. Hope you are resting comfortably :) God Bless, sending love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Pretty garland! Nice job, you two!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet Sister. I've been checking everyday to see if you've posted. Sending you love and prayers from me and Mom. We love you so much. Sandi