Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rainy Tuesday

Reece and I are sitting on my bed.  He's watching Ben 10 while I'm on the computer.  He wants to be in here with me as much as possible, which I love.  But I also want him to go play outside or with his sisters instead of being cooped up inside.

Yesterday was not a good day.  I was extremely weak and just wanted to sleep all day.   I feel better today.  The good thing was that my sister, Johnnie and her two oldest grandchildren arrived.  It's been very good to have them here.  

The little girls have fallen in love with their cousin, Braden.  He is so sweet with them.  Aubrey has been following him around ever since they arrived.  They love his sister, Evann, too, but Braden is someone new to them and they are very interested in him.  It's fun to have more teens in the house.

My friend, Karen, was here this evening.  She sells these pretty Lilla Rose hair clips and I wanted to get Kelly one for her birthday.  Kelly and I went to her website and Kel picked out the one she liked (the one in the picture).  It won't be a surprise, but I like that she got exactly the one she wanted.  It's always fun to see Karen and we had a nice visit.

We've had rain for the past two days.  Johnnie drove down from Kansas on Sunday and said it poured on them the whole way.  She spent Sunday night with Kori in Austin, then they drove the rest of the way Monday afternoon.  We need the rain, but I hope it clears up so that the kids can swim and enjoy being outdoors.

The hospice chaplain was here this morning to bring me the Eucharist.  He is such a nice man.  Then the RN came this afternoon.  She did a blood draw for my labs, and did the usual vital signs and took care of an ugly pressure sore I've developed.  

So it's been kind of a busy day.  We had Thai food for dinner.  Johnnie and her grands have gone shopping.  They are staying at Mom's apartment while they're here.  It's nice to have that available for company.


Kelly said...

It was good to see Braden and Evann and Johnnie. I hope Ahlyssa gets to play in the pool with everyone today and that it's not still raining.

We've had some drizzle and a small shower but that's it over here and the patio guy is working on excavation.

Sorry I missed seeing Karen. I love those hair clips! Can't wait! :)

See you tomorrow.

Kalona said...

Johnnie took her grands to the Riverwalk today. She said as soon as they pulled up to park it started pouring rain. But they were able to walk around, and she said the kids liked it. I think they ate down there. They're going to stop here on the way back to Gran's apartment.

Hope your patio guy got the old patio dug up, in spite of the rain. See you tomorrow. Love,