Saturday, July 13, 2013


Mom is unable to have a dog at Sandi's apartment, so Kelly has been caring for her little shih tzu, Teddy.  Kel already has three dogs, so she really didn't want to keep Teddy, even though she loves him very much.

So we've been hoping to find a good home for him.  My hospice aide fell in love with him when she met him one day when he and Kelly were here.  Kelly told her that we were searching for a home for him, and D said that she would love to have him.

Kelly took him to the vet, made sure he had all his shots up to date and took him to be groomed, so that he would be all ready for his new family.  D took him on Monday, and he is doing great.  We are so relieved to have a loving home for him.


Adrienne said...

Teddy is soooooooo cute! I wish I were closer 'cause I would have taken him in a heart beat (if our precious Frankie approved, of course,)

Kalona said...

He does have a darling face. I would have loved for you to have had him, Adrienne, provided Frankie approved. :o)

Kelly said...

I'm glad we found a good home for little Teddy. He's a good dog! I feel so bad that we had to give him away and I told D that I would take him back in a heartbeat if she or her family couldn't keep him anymore. I mean it, I really will take him right back into our home.

I miss him but I'm also happy that I placed him in a house full of children who love Teddy. What more could I ask for?

Kalona said...

I know you're going to miss him, Kel, but I think he is going to be just fine in his new place. A new chapter in his life. :o)