Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Summary

I'm still fighting this darn cold.  Hope it goes away in a day or so.  The kids and grands have been sick, too.  Seems like we pass our illnesses around and around during the school year.

Sandi was here this weekend.  Reece and I came home from Gran's  to find her here, visiting with Ron, Saturday afternoon.  She worked so hard at Gran's while she was here, and discovered that Teddy was flea infested when he woke her up at 3 AM.  I'm sure she was worn out and hope she is sleeping well tonight.  

She had to get back home, but we went to lunch together today as she was on her way out of town.  It was nice having a little bit of sister time.  She bought my lunch at Panera Bread.  I love my sisters.

I'm up listening to music tonight.  Should get myself to bed, I guess.  *yawn*

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