Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn In The Air

Ron is coming home this afternoon.  Reece and I will pick him up at the airport in a bit.  I've noticed that almost every time he flies lately, there is some kind of problem with the flight schedule.  He is never on time any more.  But we're glad he will be home soon.

Aubrey was sent home from school with a fever today.  :o(  She told us this morning that she felt sick, but she didn't have a fever and seemed okay, so she went.  Oh my goodness, she is so whiny.

It's a pretty day in the mid-eighties, not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky.  Mom and I took Teddy for a walk, then watered and cleaned up the plants on her patio.  Some of her plants have died, so she has several empty pots to be planted for fall.  I told her we would go next week to buy flowers for them.  She sees her doc again on Tuesday, so we'll probably go that day.  It's nice that we have two planting seasons.

My little "stair" garden didn't do much at all this year.  I got a few little tomatoes, but they weren't very good, my eggplant never produced any eggplants, although it did bloom a bit, and my pepper plant only yielded a couple of peppers.  The onion sets didn't do a thing and died early.  I think I waited too late to plant and it got too hot. I will buy from the farmer's markets next year and save myself some trouble.  My rosemary is thriving in a pot on the patio, though, and the basil is doing okay.

It should be a gorgeous weekend.  Enjoy yours!

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