Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shopping, Cookies, Volunteering, and Bedtime Songs

Gran, Kelly and I had a really nice "girls day out" yesterday for Gran's birthday. We had lunch at Cheddars, then went shopping for clothes for Gran. It's always fun to be with them; they make me laugh. I think Gran enjoyed her birthday.

After being absent on Tuesday because of his cold, Reece is back at school. This morning I asked him if he wants me to bake some cookies while he is gone, or should I wait for him to get home to help me. He said he wants to help, so we will be baking later today.


Well, we baked and ate cookies. Aubrey and Camryn wanted to help, too, so I had three little helpers and one little watcher from the other side of the counter (Gina). It probably takes twice as long as it should to make a batch of cookie dough because every child wants his or her turn adding ingredients. And they all love to watch the mixer do its job, so we have to move step stools around so they all get a turn in front of the mixer.

We filled the cookie jar Ron made in 1974 with oatmeal cookies (after we all ate a couple). Reece gave me a big hug and said I'm the best cookie baker in the world. :o)

I went over to the school for the volunteer class at 6 PM. No one is allowed to be a volunteer at the school until they've been to the class. I was too sick from the radiation, chemo and transplant last year to volunteer, but I'm looking forward to helping out a little this year.

As I entered the school, a nice lady asked me if I was there for the volunteer class. When I told her I was, she said she was on her way there and would show me where to go. As we walked I asked if she was a teacher there, and she said that she was the school counselor. I introduced myself and asked her if she knew Reece, and she said, "Oh yes! He is such a sweetheart." :o)

The class only lasted about half an hour, and when I got home Josh had grilled the most delicious steaks. I ate on the patio while watching Reece and Aubrey play in the pool. They had dinner while I was gone.

All of the children fell asleep quickly tonight, after a story and some songs. They love the old folk song, Michael, Row The Boat Ashore. Cammy likes to sing and it's so fun to hear her sweet little voice singing along with me. Always makes me smile. My Favorite Things and Froggie Went A'Courtin' are a couple of other recent favorites.

Saw the tail end of Obama's speech. Not impressed. He's all talk, and we've heard it all before.

Have a good Friday.

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