Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Night

Jason stayed with us for a few days after the guys returned from Rockport on Wednesday.  Reece and the little girls love him so much.  They wanted to be wherever Jason was every day.  Ron, Reece and I drove him to Schulenburg to meet his Kis and Lyssa on Saturday.  It's our halfway point.  We had lunch together before they headed for Houston and we went back to SA.

We stopped at Buccees on the way.  Reece enjoyed going in there for some snacks.

While Jason was here we (Jason, Kelly, Gran and I) had lunch at Ilsong Garden, a Korean restaurant that Kelly and Mike discovered.  The food there is excellent.  Jason and Kelly both had bulgogi, Gran had teriyaki chicken, and I had chop chae (chopped veggies with sweet potato noodles and beef).  Mom really enjoyed the small dishes of condiments they brought for the table--kimchee, sweet and sour cucumbers, sweet shredded daikon, etc.  I was enjoying the little dark, curly mushrooms in my dish until Kelly told me they were black ear fungi.  Ha!  (Just kidding--they still tasted wonderful--and they did look like little ears).

After lunch, we had coffee at a little cafe nearby, where we sat outside and enjoyed the cool weather.  It was so pleasant and all of us loved being together.

We finally got Teddy groomed, and he looks cute.  We've been using the same groomer for years (for Chuy and Teddy), and she does a great job.

Ron is going out of town again tomorrow.  He will be gone until Friday, so not too long this time.  But he will only be here for a week, then will have to go again, for another week (I think).  We can't complain too much, though, because he was able to stay home most of last year while I was going through chemo and the transplant.  His traveling again is a good thing, because it means that I am doing well.  :o)

We've had beautiful rain this weekend.  Not sure how much we got, but the pool is full to the top, so at least a few inches.  We needed it so much.  Our weather will be much cooler this coming week--highs in the 80s instead of 90s and 100s.  And lows in the low 60s.  Whoo hoo!


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