Monday, September 3, 2012

Celebrating Great Gran

I hope my American readers have had a great three day weekend and Labor Day celebration.

We celebrated Labor Day and my mom's birthday today. Mom will be 86 years old on Wednesday, September 5th. Ron grilled baby back ribs, and we had fresh asparagus and potato salad with them. And of course there was birthday cake and ice cream.

The kids were so excited that Great Gran would be spending the day with us. The first thing Reece did this morning was sit up in bed and say, "Is Gran going to be here today?" They loved swimming with her, and I think she enjoyed it as much as they did.

Reece has only been back at school for a week, and all four kids are sick with colds. I'm praying Mom doesn't get sick. I kept telling her not to kiss them, but she kissed them anyway.

We will continue Gran's birthday celebration on Wednesday. Kelly and I are taking her to lunch, and then we'll go shopping for some new clothes for her. A three generation shopping spree! :o) I'm looking forward to it.

Ron and I took Gran and Teddy home after dark. She was pretty tired, and so am I.

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