Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Chatter

I've spent most of today resting since I overdid it a bit yesterday. Didn't do anything terribly strenuous, but I was on my feet a lot, and busy.

We took Mom some lunch and I cleaned her kitchen, unloaded and reloaded her dishwasher, and made her some brownies. We were over there for quite awhile in the afternoon.

Then I made oatmeal cookies when we got home. I had been promising the kids that we would bake for a week, so I had to do it! Those cookies are already nearly gone. I think we were all hungry for homemade cookies.

I helped Reece with his journal writing and book report. He drew the cutest elephant for his book report. He has to write a sentence about it, and tell whether he liked the book or not and whether he would recommend it to a friend. He's so funny. He always circles "no," that he did not like the book and "no," he would not recommend it to a friend. But I know that he likes the books!

His journal entry was about Sister and Katy. He has to write 3 sentences about whatever he wants to write about, and draw a picture for an illustration. He drew Sis and Kate and wrote that we have two dogs, they are Sister and Katy, I love them. :o) I love his journal entries.

My skin is peeling and feels so tight. I'll be glad when the graft vs host disease disappears!

Josh is making hot wings for dinner, and they smell so good. My stomach is growling. Hope you've enjoyed your Monday!

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