Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good News/Bad News

Good news! My hemoglobin was 11 today. Last week (when they put me in the hospital) it was only 6. If it's under 8 they give a blood transfusion. I got 3 units last week. So, I'm holding onto my red blood cells now; in fact, they are increasing. The procedure they did in the hospital (endoscopy and cauterization of those tiny little sores) worked and the internal bleeding has stopped. I've felt so much better this week, and had much more energy.

The bad news is that I have developed some graft vs. host disease, which has manifested as an itchy rash on my skin and a sore mouth. Dr. W said today that he believes the skin rash, sore mouth and irritation of my esophagus and stomach are all caused by graft vs. host. They wanted me to have some of that to strengthen my new immune system, but not too much. They sent me to dermatology today, and the doctor there took 2 skin samples to biopsy. He prescribed a cream for the rash. My doctor (Dr. W today; Dr. O is out of town) prescribed a mouth wash. They may put me back on the tacrolimus when Dr. O returns next week. I have to go back on Monday.

Tomorrow I have a CT/PET scan scheduled for 7:45 AM to see if there are any signs of the cancer. Prayers much appreciated!


Sarah Oldham said...

Praying HARD for you! I will not stop pestering Jesus!

Adrienne said...

Prayers - as always.

Kalona said...

Thank you sweeties!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm praying! I love you Sharon - thinking of you every day!