Sunday, April 1, 2012

Watching Sick Babies

Ron and I have all four of Josh's kids this weekend while he and Cyrise celebrate their anniversary at the Coast. So far, so good. Reece and Aubrey are feeling okay, but now Camryn and Gina have fevers. When she doesn't feel well, Camryn just wants to curl up and sleep. Gina's been pretty quiet, too.

It's been hot here. Feels like summer already. I cleaned out all my pots on the patio yesterday. It's a little late to plant veggies, but I'll go ahead and try anyway.

We got an outdoor rug for the patio, and I need to use the leaf blower out there, then wash it off before putting the rug down. Our patio is made of those little pebbles, so it's not very smooth. I think the rug will make it more comfortable. Aubrey and I are planning a little Easter party out there. She loves talking about what we will do--the food and decorations.

I got another unit of blood on Friday. Didn't see my doc at all that day. I guess the blood helped. I was busy all day yesterday and felt okay. I was tired last night, but so was Ron. We all went to bed pretty early.

Aubrey was playing on the floor with Gina yesterday and she put her head on Gina's tummy. She looked up at me with a surprised expression and said, "I hear Gina's tummy grouching." :o)


Kelly said...

Hi! Did you get my email about the punch recipe I sent? I'm not sure if my emails are getting to you?

Those pictures of the girls are so cute. I love their dresses. :)

I'm glad the rbc transfusions are helping to make you more energetic but don't overdo it!

Love you bunches.

Kalona said...

Hi Honey,
No, I didn't get the email about the punch recipe. Could you send it again?

I'll try not to overdo, but it's so nice to be doing normal things again.

Love you too!