Sunday, April 22, 2012


I have a doctor appointment tomorrow. This rash is driving me crazy. Not sure what they can do about it, but hope they can do something quickly. I look like I have a sunburn on my torso, and it's kind of sore and very itchy. Not a happy camper here. I've been using the cream the doc prescribed, but it doesn't help much.

The weekend was quiet and nice. The weather's been beautiful the past week or so. Reece has been in the pool nearly every day. There is nothing that makes his little face light up like jumping into the water and swimming.

I've been having trouble posting for a couple of days. Blogger is messing with the format and sometimes I can't even get the "create post" page to show up. Let me see if this one posts.


Johnnie Enders said...

I was hoping that G vs H was going to stay away! Did they say if it is chronic? I hope you are feeling better!

Continued prayers! I love you! XO

K said...

Glad you are doing fairly well. Hope the gvh resolves sooner rather than later.
I let you know, so that you could pray..the family that took.the puppies momma is.having a crisis. Kendra ' the mom, had a bunch of mini strokes on the 15th. She and her husband are in seatlle at a stroke hospital her 4 young children are in fairbanks with kendras sister.

Kalona said...

Johnnie, they are hoping that the measures they took today will help the gvh without having to go back to "systemic" solutions. (I think that mean they don't want to give me the tacrolimus unless they have to). Dr. O mentioned a light booth they could use if what they gave me today doesn't help. Today they gave me prednisone pills and a liquid fungicide called posaconazole (aka noxafil). Thanks for the prayers--I still need them!

Kalona said...

Oh Karen, I'm so sorry to hear about Kendra. I'll definitely be praying. Do they still have the mama dog? Praying for the whole family.

K said...

They still do and they adore her. They kept the name, Honey, that Grace gave her because it fit. You can see pictures at her blog