Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday With The Grands

The kids and I spent most of the afternoon outside today. It was a beautiful day. There were birds and butterflies everywhere.

Josh and Cyrise went shopping, then grilled chicken fajitas for dinner. Josh also made stuffed jalapenos wrapped in smoked bacon. Yum! My mouth's been a little tender, but Josh cleaned the peppers so well, removing all the seeds and ribs thoroughly, so they were not very hot, but still very flavorful.

The little girls have really crazy hair. Both of them have tons of cowlicks and their hair is very fine, especially Aubrey's. I like to put their hair in braids or ponytails; they look so cute. Their mommy wants to grow their bangs out, so even though my fingers were itching to get the scissors and trim them, I didn't. Instead, I'm going to get them a bunch of cute little barrettes. Cammy will leave her braids alone, but Aubrey almost always takes hers out after a short while.

Reece got a haircut yesterday. His mommy gave him a buzz, and he looks darling. He had a red towel wrapped around him this afternoon, and looked like one of those Chinese monks who wear red robes. :o)

We still have baby wrens in the wren house on the patio, but the ones on the front porch flew away. I'm sure the others are about ready to fly, too. The parents are busy all day long bringing bugs and worms for the babes. The male has stopped being afraid of us, but the female is still a little cautious.

Reece and I worked on his homework outside. He has to do a "book report" every week, and an entry in a journal. I love the pictures he draws to illustrate the books. Later we finished up his journal inside and I discovered that Aubrey had gotten hold of his book report page and scribbled all over it. Grrrr. I erased what she did as much as I could and put a little note at the bottom of the page so the teacher would know what happened.

All in all, it's been a pleasant day. I have to go to the clinic tomorrow for labs, so I'm glad I was able to have lots of time with the grands and be outdoors today.

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Adrienne said...

Sounds like a lovely day...