Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Night

The week has flown by, even though we've done nothing at all out of the ordinary. But just living life day by day is pretty extraordinary, isn't it?

The kids want so much to play in the pool, but even though the weather has been hot, the water is still quite cold and there's been a cool breeze. They get in anyway, then shiver and shake and insist they aren't cold. :o)

Aubrey thought pouring water on Gramma's feet was fun.

Reece's latest obsession is with old Dutch windmills. We make them out of play dough, we draw them and cut them out, or Papa prints pictures of them and we cut them out, or we make them out of Duplo blocks. He sees windmills in wheels and fans and other toys. He was delighted to find windmill cookies at the store.

He first saw one in a 1937 cartoon, The Old Mill. He wants to watch it over and over, and has learned all the sound effects. He can sound exactly like the chorus of croaking frogs. And of course he knows the music and hums it constantly. He is such a funny, darling little boy.

Last night we went for a walk just at sundown. We saw fireflies and a deer. Reece was so excited! I don't know if that was the first time he's seen fireflies or not. He was the one who spotted the deer. I heard him draw in his breath, then he said, "Look, Gramma!" The deer ran, but stopped not far from us. It was dark, but we could see him silhouetted against the light. We went again tonight, hoping to see him again, but only saw the fireflies.

Aubrey was in my room earlier wearing a jester hat. I told her to get on the bed and we would take her picture with the photo booth feature. She liked acting silly and watching herself on the screen. I think she's so beautiful. She's a little pistol, though, always into things and extremely smart.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Sarah Oldham said...

They're not even my grands and I get such a sweet kick out of those darling grands of yours. Enjoy your weekend; may it be blessed.