Monday, April 4, 2011

Windy Monday

I spent part of Saturday afternoon going through the rest of my mother-in-law's boxes in the garage. We took some stuff over to Josh's for the last day of the community garage sale, and we took a pickup load of boxes and bags to Goodwill.

Anything that wasn't sold at the garage sale we loaded into the truck, and Josh took it to Goodwill, too. It feels good to be getting rid of so much stuff! I hope that it will be useful to someone who needs it.

I was at Josh's from 8 AM until 2 PM, then Reece and I came home. It was kind of fun to see and talk to all the different people who stopped at the garage sale.

We were going to take Reece to Mass with us again, but we messed up and didn't get there. We were out in the yard, and I said to Ron that we had to pick up Gran for Mass. He checked the time and it was already 5 PM--too late for us to get ready, pick up Gran and drive across town to the church. :o( We're still trying to adjust to daylight savings time. It always feels earlier than what the clock says.

It has been so windy that some of my tomato plants blew over and were uprooted. They were not planted deep enough to start with, so I pulled them up and tried to plant them deeper, but I think I killed them. Today they are just limp. They were the four homestead tomatoes that started out so small. They had grown into big top-heavy plants, but they had never bloomed. The rest of my tomatoes all have lots of blooms and baby tomatoes. I'd take a picture, but it's just too sad. :o(

Reece doesn't usually mind the wind, but even he got tired of it when he was trying to play outside today. Now he's inside, playing with his Hot Wheels City. He just said, "Look out squirrel!" Then he told me, "Oh no, the squirrel got squashed." I said, "Oh, maybe you should send the ambulance to take him to the hospital," and he replied, "Too late." :o)

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