Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Chatter

Here's a picture of Gina from my photo booth a few days ago.

Ron is in Virginia this week, but of course with the full house we have now, it's not quiet around here. :o)

Things are going okay. We still have things that need to find a place, but slowly but surely it's getting better.

The little girls (Aubrey and Camryn) have had a hard time adjusting to the move. They just want to "go home." One day they both whined and cried all. day. long. Camryn wanted to be held every minute, but only by her mom or dad. That was the worst day. Since then things have been better. They are getting used to their new room and their new bed and being here all the time. Cammie has been smiling more and is happier.

Reece still doesn't like having everyone here, intruding on his "Gramma time." :o) Yesterday he went with me to Gran's, then we ate lunch out and went to the library. He was happy to have me all to himself for awhile.

It's hot here--supposed to get to 95 degrees today. It's already 90, so I expect it will get there. The pool pump has stopped working. Hopefully we can get it started again.


Adrienne said...

I would be pounding my head against a wall about now. You're a strong, strong woman.

Kalona said...

Adrienne, what, you don't want to come visit our crazy house this summer? :o)