Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Changes Around Here!

This past weekend Josh, Cyrise and their four little ones moved back in with us. Things are topsy turvy right now, but hopefully in the next week or two everything will be in place and they will be settled in for awhile.

Josh is not working, their lease is up April 13 for their little rented house, and we are not able to continue to help them financially as we have been. So they will stay here for awhile, until they get on their feet and are able to find a bigger house they can afford. It will be quite a lifestyle change for all of us, I think.

Of course Reece was excited that Gramma's house would be his house for awhile, but he's been out of sorts, I think because he is not used to having his whole family here and my attention is divided. It will take a little time to get into a routine.

The kids have stayed here while their daddy, mommy and Papa have been moving everything. We'll spend the next couple of days cleaning and making repairs to the rental house (I'll probably babysit--that seems to be the way I can help most).

It's been like summer here, so the kids wanted to swim. The water is still too cold, really, but they would get in anyway! They are such sweeties.

Please send up a prayer for all of us as we adjust to this new living situation. I know it will be a bit stressful, but we have plenty of room and are so glad we are able to help them out.

I didn't get any pictures of Gina. She was always asleep when I had the camera in my hand. I'll post some soon, I promise. :o)


Angela Messenger said...

I am sure everything will go well - I am praying for it! Our grandkids are a 17 hour drive from here so we are lucky if we see them once a year. It's always feast or famine, isn't it?!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love the pictures! I'm praying that Josh finds a job and that you have extra strength & energy to meet all the demands of having 6 additional people living with you! I'll keep all of you in my prayers - you & Ron are saints in my book. I love you! Give Ron my love and hug those sweet grandbabies for me.

Adrienne said...

You're a MUCH better person than I am. My response to this would not be so gracious. Guess that makes me a big old meanie. heh

Anyhoo - sending prayers for everything to work out and for you to not be overwhelmed.

Kalona said...

Thanks for the prayers, everyone! I know we'll need them. :o) I'm sure it will all work out, and that they will be in their own home someday soon.

Angela, yes, feast or famine is right! I'm sorry you're so far from your grands. That has to be hard sometimes.

Sandi, ha! You know I'm no saint. Energy level is up and I'm staying calm (most of the time). :o)

Adrienne, if these four little people were not involved, I'd be a big old meanie, too. But I have a soft spot for them. :o)

I was griping about having to help them out a few weeks ago, and my cousin said to me, "That's what families do." Kinda put it in perspective for me.