Friday, April 8, 2011

How My Garden Grows

I'm happy with the progress my container plants have made. There is a picture here of how they looked on the stairs exactly one month ago, the day after we planted them.

My Kentucky Wonder pole beans are starting to climb the poles. :o)

All of the tomato plants have either blooms or blooms and baby tomatoes.

The cowhorn pepper has two peppers and some pretty white blooms. The first pepper just keeps growing and is now touching the dirt. I guess I should pick it. The other pepper is just above the long one.

The cubanelle pepper has some tiny little baby peppers, too. (No pic).

These are my carrots, lettuce and spinach. The spinach and lettuces are ready to harvest. I think I need to thin the carrots, but can hardly bring myself to pull any of them up! I've pulled a couple to see what they are doing, but so far they just look like white roots.

I finally planted the impatiens I bought weeks ago. Then I washed my potting bench off. You can see where the crazy puppies chewed on that planter box.

We moved these flowers to the front porch after I took this picture. I like to have my potting bench cleared off so I can use it. It's an old dresser we got from freecycle that Ron painted black for me.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your plants look great! Green thumb I'm thinking. Isn't it so fun to watch things grow?
I'm going to plant some basil - my favorite herb.

Love you! Sandi

Kalona said...

No green thumb here--I think it must be the Miracle Gro planting soil. I planted a new kind of basil this year (new to me) called Boxwood Basil. It stays small and in clumps. Still has that wonderful basil aroma, though. I only planted two herbs this year--basil and rosemary. They are the ones I use the most. Yes, I love seeing things grow. Come see my container garden! :o)

Linda said...

Your carrots, lettuce and spinach look amazing. Mine? :( I think the secret is those containers. I'm going to try that next time.

Kalona said...

Linda, my lettuce and spinach looked great until our temps went into the 90s. Now they are pitiful. Next year I'll plant them even earlier because they are definitely cold weather plants. It was good to be able to move those boxes around. I'd put them up on a table under the patio at night (to keep out slugs and rolypolys), and put them back in the sun early in the morning. If the afternoon sun got too hot, back they went into the shade. The carrots are still doing okay.