Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Chitchat

Had a lovely afternoon out with Kelly and Gran today. Kel lives on the other side of San Antonio from us, so we often meet somewhere about halfway when we get together. Today we met at the Olive Garden near Ingram Park Mall for lunch.

Kelly treated both Gran and me to lunch--what a sweetie! It was so pleasant to sit, talk, eat and laugh with them. My favorite part of lunch at Olive Garden is the salad and breadsticks (and the peach tea). But I also had chicken scampi with angel hair pasta--yum!

The Olive Garden is near a Shepler's western wear store, so we went in there after lunch to look around. Gran worked at the Shepler's in Wichita, Kansas years and years ago for awhile. She said it smelled just the same in this one--like leather. :o) We saw lots of pretty things, but mostly liked the boots. But they were sooo expensive, even on sale!

Here are the boots I liked:

And these are the ones Kel liked:

After that we went to a nearby Garden Ridge and looked around in there. Kelly bought a few things, but Mom and I just looked. There was hardly anyone in there. When we first moved here, Garden Ridge was a huge deal. Most everyone who visited wanted to go there, and the parking lot was always packed. I'm not sure what happened, but it's not the same. They've started stocking cheap clothing items, there were tables filled with books, I didn't find any bargains in the outdoor furniture area, and lots of shelves were empty.

Ron talked to Josh earlier today and said that Reece is feeling better. He had eaten some lunch. I'm so glad he's better!

Off to water my container garden and plant some flowers.

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