Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Update on Gina

Baby Gina was doing so well, but this morning they put her on a feeding tube. The nurse told Cyrise that she "just wasn't eating well." :o( So she will be in the NICU at least until this weekend, instead of coming home tomorrow as we had hoped.

Cyrise spent the night in Labor and Delivery because of her blood pressure. They put her on medication for that, and she's doing better. I think that being at home and getting some rest will help. She was unable to sleep at the hospital, even with meds. The kids were happy to see her today.

Prayers for Gina, Cyrise and the family will be much appreciated. Thanks!

PS: They decided on a middle name. She is Gina Sharon. :o)


Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely they named her after you too!!
A feeding tube sounds and looks so much worse than it really is. The wee ones tire out so easily eating and the tube enables her to get the calories without exhausting herself.
If Cyrise wants to board, she can. It is about $35/night and she can stay at the hospital instead of going back and forth. Way better for us since we lived so far away, may not be better for Cyrise if she lives closer to NCB.

Sarah Oldham said...

Her name could not be more PERFECT!
many prayers!!!

Kalona said...

Thank you K and Sarah! I love that they named her after me. She is the second granddaughter with the middle name Sharon--Lily is also named after me--Lily Sharon. :o)

K, thank you for the encouragement about the feeding tube. It made me feel better. Ron and I are going to see her this evening, so I'm excited!

aine said...

Gina Sharon has been officially added to our prayer books as has her family. I can smell that newborn smell across the internet, she is just so precious.

Kalona said...

aine, thank you for adding Gina and her family to your prayers! I got to hold her tonight, and change her diaper and put her little onesie on her. It was Gramma heaven. :o) She is scary tiny, though.

Linda said...

She is a very pretty baby! and I do not say that about all babies.. I won't lie! I'm sad for you that things aren't going smoothly for her, but we all know what a blessing she is, and this will work out for the greater good.
Sharon is a LOVELY name. I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

She is such a pretty baby. I love her name! I know how happy you all are. Babies are the BEST!! I'm going to Dallas this weekend to be with my 2 grandbabies : ) I love you all, praying for Baby Gina Sharon to come home soon. All my love, Sandi