Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gina Meets Gramma and Papa

Ron and I saw Gina last night in the NICU. She is doing well.

I asked her nurse if he thought she would be able to come home this weekend, and he said that it would depend on how well she is eating.

They are giving her three feedings a day through her feeding tube, and then she gets a bottle several times a day.

I held her while he was giving her a tube feeding, and he had me give her a pacifier to suck on while her little tummy got full. He said they want her to associate the sucking with her full tummy.

After her feeding she got the hiccups. She was awake when we got there, and stayed awake the whole time we were there until I finally gave her to Ron. After only a couple of minutes in his arms, Gina totally relaxed, stopped hiccuping and fell asleep. He's got the magic touch. :o)

I got to change her diaper and dress her in a little onesie while we were there. She is so very tiny, but perfectly formed. I loved looking at her little fingers and her ears. She has lots of dark hair. She looks like all of our babies; they all resemble one another as newborns.

I can hardly wait to hold this little one in my arms again!


Angela M. said...

So sooooo beautiful! Thank you Jesus for this beautiful new life!

Mum2eight said...

she is gorgeous Kalona. Prayers that she will be home this weekend.

aine said...

Scrumptious, she is absolutely scrumptious. Look how tiny she is compared to her grandpa!

How lovely y'all got to cuddle with her. Loving on her has got to be one of the nicest ways to spend the time, I'll bet.

Again, congrats!

Kalona said...

Thank you Therese and aine! It was wonderful to be with her. We are looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow evening.

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. She looks wonderful! You can see how small she is in Ron's arms. Precious! Thank you Father for the blessing of Baby Gina Sharon. Hugs & Love, Great Aunt Sandi : )

oleyfriends said...

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