Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It's 64 degrees here this afternoon and I've been so cold. The wind is from the north and is blowing hard. Summer is my favorite time of the year; I don't like cold weather. I'm really dreading winter.

Monday I had an appointment with my diabetes counselor. While I was going through treatment for my cancer my doctors stopped or changed some of diabetes medications. They've been adjusting them, but wanted me to check with my diabetes doc to make sure he was in agreement. He did change things up a bit, and gave me a new monitor. I hope I'll be able to get back on track with a lower blood sugar level soon.

I had Reece overnight on Monday. We didn't do anything special, just enjoyed being together. I played with him all evening. He says such funny things and makes me laugh. The next morning he wanted to make pancakes, so we did. He took the base of my salad spinner full of toys to Great Gran's. He loves to take toys to her place because she always plays with him. On the way home Reece said, "Gramma, thank you for being so nice to me." He's such a sweetheart!

Ron and I watched the election returns off and on Tuesday evening. I'm glad we'll have a new speaker of the house, disappointed that Nevada didn't get rid of Harry Reid, and think the people of California are absolutely insane. We do live in interesting times.

Ron took Mom's meds to her during his lunch hour today, so I haven't had to go anywhere. I cleaned the kitchen and am doing some laundry. The dogs are inside with me now. They like the cold weather better than I do--they run around the yard like crazy things. :o)

I'm thinking of baking something, just to have an excuse to turn the oven on. :o)


Anonymous said...

Hey! You are a true Texan...loving hot weather and thinking 64 degrees is Brrrr! Your other grandbabies looked cute/spooky in the outfits. Alyssa has the sweetest smile always & Lily is precious .. couldn't see Jake but know he was having fun. Love You! Sandi

Kalona said...

Ha! Yeah, I guess I am a true Texan. And I'm still cold! I think it's because I'm bald. :o)

I loved seeing the grands in their costumes. Did Jonah go trick-or-treating?

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Yes he did. He had a garden nome costume but didn't want to wear the beard ... so he wore his Peter Pan costume. He went on a neighborhood hayride and 2 parties. He thinks he's so BIG. I stayed home with baby Finn and loved it!

Linda said...

I like this 'fall' weather- sorry!
I don't know what those people in Nevada are thinking!!