Friday, November 26, 2010

Catching Up

These are the beautiful flowers my little sis and brother-in-law sent for my birthday. They were our perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece. I love them.

A cold front came through Thanksgiving day and brought us some COLD weather. Kelly, Reece and I went for a walk around the block (Reece wanted to go on a nature hike) after dinner, and it was COLD. We had to go back inside and find jackets to wear.

We had such a lovely Thanksgiving. Too much food, lots of family and plenty of love goin' on around here. Mom and Sandi got to meet baby Gina for the first time. Reece, Aubrey and Camryn all looked so cute and were excited by everything going on. When we were at the table, Reece declared, "I love Thanksgiving!"

Sandi cut Aubrey's hair into a little bob, and she looks darling. I had charged my camera battery, but was so busy that day that I didn't take a single picture.

I never ever go shopping on Black Friday, but my sister Sandi is all into it. She was up at 4 AM to go to a sale, and got some great bargains on Christmas gifts for her family. She came by here and I went with her to Macys and The Children's Place later in the morning. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be at Macys, but we had to wait in line for quite awhile to pay at The Children's Place. I got an $80 purse at Macys for $23, and as I was starting to pay for it, Sandi stepped in and bought it for me for my birthday!

Reece spent the night last night and we kept him with us most of the day today. We played all evening yesterday, and all day today. Papa bought him more farm animals and he was very absorbed in them. We watched The Wizard of Oz last night, and Reece was scared at bedtime. He didn't know why he was scared, but I suspect it was a reaction to the wicked witch in the movie. Or those spooky flying monkeys. Right now I'm missing the way he leans against me and puts his little hand on my arm when I'm drawing or cutting something out for him.

Sandi and Mom spent the day at Mom's apartment cleaning and decorating her place for Christmas. I'm looking forward to seeing it tomorrow when we pick Mom up for Mass. Sandi is planning to go home tomorrow. It's been wonderful to have her here. My sisters are such a blessing.

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