Friday, November 19, 2010

Counting Blessings

The week has flown by. Ron is already home from Colorado.

We'll have 12 or 13 here for Thanksgiving dinner next week.

Baby Gina is doing well. Josh said she is waking at night to be fed, and eating well. I didn't see her today.

My blood sugar is doing something weird. It's usually high, but lately has been low (for me). Makes me feel a little dizzy. I've stopped the insulin and the Janumet, and it's still low. It would be amazing if I don't have diabetes any longer.

It got down to 34 degrees here last night, but warmed up nicely today. It won't be that cold tonight (or anytime over the next week).

I'm still bald, but the fuzz on my head seems to be getting a little fuzzier, and my eyebrows and lashes seem to be coming back a bit.

Kelly is coming over this weekend to help me "clean and decorate the house for Thanksgiving." She is a sweetheart.

Have a great weekend!


aine said...

Wouldn't that be a blessing, to be cured of diabetes. And hairier to boot! I'm seeing a win-win here.

Kalona said...

It would indeed be a blessing, aine! It was so nice to see you this evening, and I'm excited that I got to meet Carlos!